Enjoy working life without mental limitations.

For the fearless

Our minds can be stuck in the same way our bodies can be. Coaching reduces clutter and increases clarity. As you move beyond the barriers of the mind, your goals will become clearer and you will understand yourself better. You learn to look at things from multiple angles. Joustomieli will help you to understand people better. At the core of understanding is self-knowledge that can be deepened in both individual and small group guidance.

What clients have said

Clarity, sense and peace to my thoughts and mind

“I have had an amazing chance to be coached by Minna. We got connected by LinkedIn and did not know each other earlier. She just started to coach me virtually. Minna was able to bring clarity, sense and peace to my thoughts and mind, and thus she helped me to decide my next actions with a very skillful way. “

Anne Mikkilä - Customer Engagement Manager

Minna is an excellent coach!

“Minna is an excellent coach with a special ability to connect with her clients and ask incisive questions to get to the heart of the matter her client is dealing with. I got into a coaching relationship with Minna at a time when I was pivoting my business to integrate a deep personal approach with my professional delivery of corporate governance services. I saw Minna’s resume and knew she was the perfect match for me. Minna helped me to think more cleanly and clearly about my direction of travel. Her questions got me to reflect on my current practice as I considered the future I wished to carve for my practice. She maintained a balanced pace between being reflective and actively carving out the next steps in my journey. I found her measured, sensitive, emotionally aware, extremely engaging, quietly confident and very sensitive. She is professional and reliable in the way she works. She helped me to prioritise my strategy without being directive and did so with the use of well thought through and tested frameworks such as the GROW model and Appreciative Inquiry. I would recommend her highly as a coach. Thank you Minna for being so brilliant and kind”

Tesse Akpeki - Mentor and Fellow of the Chartered Governance Institute (FCG)

Flexible Pricing

Joustomieli is passionate about challenges and is ignited by overcoming challenges. Because of this, the actual cost of coaching depends on how successful you are in your goals. The price is lower if the pre-agreed goals are not achieved and higher when the agreed goals are achieved. Ordering coaching is easy and risk-free.

Meeting Tuesdays

Book a free appointment where we can get to know each other! In my opinion, I think it is vital to find the right coach. It is important for both of us that we are a match that makes things move in the desired direction. I am an avid networker there are no pointless meetings!  

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